Years Restored Lifestyle Center


Learn How to Restore Years of Your Life Through


Personalized Detox

You will experience a deep cleansing detox through the use of vegetable juices, herbs teas, bowel support, elimination drinks and nutrition rich smoothies.

Daily Devotions

We provide the best practical lifestyle education following God’s blueprint to promote the restoration of the body, mind, and spirit in a home-like environment.

Food Preparation Training

Personal nutritional evaluation and support tailored to your individual needs provided during your 10 day detox. Intensive nutritional education and hands-on experience in food preparation focusing on food sensitivities including GF and raw preparation plus recipes provided allows you to continue your restoration journey at home.


Helping those with digestive issues thrive

Come Visit Our Lifestyle Center During Your 10 Day Detox


Ready To Start Recovery?

The 10 Day Detox Program Helps Cleanse Your Body. See How We Help Promote Restoration


Home-Like Lifestyle Center

Nestled among majestic pines and cedars, is the 57-acre home-like lifestyle center. Amidst incredible natural beauty, you will find it a place of restoration.


Detox & Relaxation

From our all organic hand-made juices, to our infrared sauna we are helping you to completely detox, leaving you feeling totally rejuvenated. We are staying consistent, following practices of the Bible to focus on your health.


100% Plant-Based Meal Plans

Revitalize & nourish your body with organic meals freshly prepared every day during your cleanse. The Autoimmune Plant Based Cookbook will equip you to be successful in implementing a lifestyle that is the most anti-inflammatory approach to healing the gut.

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